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    I'm not sure if this goes here.

    but i have a roo, his friendly and good with the girls, but i noticed that his spurs are getting really long, are those like toe nails, can you trim them?
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    Ok i found info,

    for those who have gotten the spur off, do you put any antibiotic on them so they dont get infected?
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    Very much like toenails, Laura. Best way to trim them is with a Dremmel power tool and a cutoff wheel. The spur should be cut about 3/8" from the leg. The action of the wheel will cauterize the cut and very little, if any, blood will leak. If you have bleeding, a little pressure will stop it in a few minutes. Get someone to hold the rooster as the vibration will make him struggle a little. They don`t feel pain the same way we do, so you aren`t hurting him and when you put him down afterward, he will act as if nothing happened. This is don` all the time and isn`t something to shy away from..........Pop
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    Spur trimming can get emotional on here as you might imagine. In my opinion, it is a tool that can be used if necessary. It is not something I would automatically do but would not hesitate if it was needed. Personal choice.

    This link has some videos and discussion on the topic.

    Trimming Spurs Thread
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    thank you [​IMG]

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