Rooster Accident - Seems Disoriented and Scared

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  1. LittleHen

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    Jun 3, 2007
    I came home today to see my father (who cuts my lawn for me) throwing my darling rooster Monty's cage across the lawn. :mad: The silly old man was trying to move the very large and heavy enclosure to mow the grass underneath, but didn't for a second stop to think about my poor baby who, after my hen abandoned him at hatching, was raised by me.

    During the "throwing" Monty was going nuts, flapping about and throwing himself around. I raced over (for fear the poor thing would have a heart attack) and grabbed him from the enclosure.

    I cannot see any obvious injuries (no broken wings, no blood, etc) but he seems rather traumatised, his feathers are all puffed up and he looks a bit sick around the eyes.

    He is approx 4 - 5 Months old, weighs around 4 1/2 lbs, and is a chinese silkie cross. He seems to be eating and drinking as normal.

    Any ideas? Thanks
  2. missusduray

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    May 20, 2007
    Northern Minnesota
    Poor baby! I dont have nay advice on the chicken but I would advise your father not to touch the chicken cage again!!! I feel totally bad for Monty! Hang in there and give him a cuddle for me.
  3. SpottedCrow

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    He's probably very stressed because he thought a predator was after him. I'd try and keep him as quiet as possible.
    I'd also be worried that he could've smacked his head on the cage. Silkies sometimes have an open area on the tops of their skulls and that can cause brain damage if they're pecked or hit on that part.
    I think that Monty will be okay...
    Kristyne, you're alot nicer than I would've been...[​IMG]
    His ears would still be ringing after I got through with him.
  4. 65browneyes

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    Mar 2, 2007
    I'm sure with a little TLC from his mama (you), Monty will fair well. Your dad, on the other hand may need a swift kick along with the thanks for mowing! LOL I understand about dads and their reaction to things in their way, but, sheeeeeeesh. Bet Monty gives his grampy a wide girth from now on! LOL

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