rooster? ameraucana


May 7, 2015
this is my ameraucana and she's about 8 weeks old. The other day I walked out to her "crowing"... she is very dominant with my other chickens.. I really hope she is not a rooster!! Imput?
Hi, :welcome

Can you tell by the comb?

Yes, you can tell by both the comb and saddle feathers. Also, if you said your bird has crowed already, it is almost surely a cockerel.

Here's a link to a helpful thread on Easter Egger sexing. (Not the same breed, but Ameraucanas have very similar combs and feathering):

Sorry to say that your bird is a roo. He's very handsome, though!
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Your bird is an Easter Egger cockerel (young rooster)
oh no :'( I was so excited for blue eggs.. and yes he sure is handsome! My Co workers actually named him Kevin because in the movie "up" they named the bird Kevin and turned out Kevin was a girl but he's actually a boy! We've been calling him Kevin all this time hahaha.

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