Rooster and metacam

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    Aug 27, 2013
    I have a rooster with bumble foot that I need to remove, ugh, not my favorite thing to do, I have gotten my hands on some Metacam to give him before the procedure. My question is I know if it were a hen we would have a two week period of not eating her eggs, since he is a roo, and quite shall we say, active, is his sperm affected by the medication and then in turn transmitted to the hens eggs?
    Thank you for any information on this.
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    I don't know about metacam, but you usually don't need to treat with anything before doing bumblefoot surgery. More than anything, they need to be wrapped in a towel and held still by another person. They really don't seem to suffer in pain so much, if the procedure is done quickly and over with. Aspirin can also be given for pain and inflammation. Dosage is 1 low dose or baby aspirin twice a day. Here are some good links and videos to look at:

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