Rooster attacked by hunting dog


8 Years
Aug 24, 2011
Recently my rooster was attacked by a our neighbor's dog who got out and dug under the fence while our chickens were free-ranging. The dog is trained for hunting and has a soft mouth so when I found the rooster after chasing off the dog, he wasn't bleeding and was still breathing but just he just lay there for a while. After a few minutes he started looking around and his breathing became less labored and about ten minutes after chasing off the dog, the dog came back and was just walking through the yard. Upon hearing the jingle of its collar, the rooster jumped up and sprinted up to the coop and was able to get there and jump up onto a roosting pole without any trouble and he seemed fine so I stayed for a little bit to make sure nothing changed and he seemed fine and he ate some food from my hand and drank some water. It has since been a week and now the rooster has stopped sleeping in the old bookshelf where he normally does and is instead sleeping on the ground. Whenever I go into the coop after night has fallen, one of the hens jumps down and stands between me and the rooster making noises and doesn't move and pecks me if I go near the rooster. I am worried that the rooster is injured although he walks without trouble. Any ideas on what might be wrong and what I should do to help him would be greatly appreciated,

-Seth Dolin
I would just keep an eye on him. If he still eats and drinks and gets around OK, I wouldn't worry much. Do you notice him limping or anything? Poor guy, he was probably tramatized, and it takes them a while to get back to normal. . Isn't it something how the hen seems to be protecting him......
We have noticed him limping and he avoids walking and now spends most of the day lying on the ground in the coop with his eyes closed. He is still eating but much less than he normally does and we haven't seen him drinking much water lately. I am worried that it also might not be trauma or injury but maybe he has contracted a disease because he has been getting steadily worse since the attack and he was fine directly after the attack as I said.

Once again, any help is greatly appreciated

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