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Mar 12, 2020
So I have a lot of roos, 8 to be exact... I love them and they’re all super friendly and they’ve been with my flock of 20 hens for almost a year and I’ve never had a rooster fight and not much mating was going on. But now it’s their first spring as they’re mature and they’re out of hand. A few of my girls are being over mated and they’re causing stress on the hens for sure. I don’t want to give them up for meat, I really don’t know if I can do it. I’d love to build them a Bachelor pad but I’m not sure how big it would be to hold the 8 roosters. They usually are used to being in a large large pen that they can hop out of and free range which is what they usually do. But I know I’ll need to have the rooster pad fully enclosed. Any ideas? Or picture? Help a rooster lover out lol.


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Rooster only pens work well.

I have never tried to stuff them into a small space... so I am not sure how small of a space they can tolerate.

My rooster pen can sorta see the main chicken pen, but not well.

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