Rooster broke off his spur


May 14, 2021
Hello y'all, my rooster broke off his spur today, I don't know how and I don't know at what time since I wasn't home most of today, it looks like it bled quite a bit but I think it's clotted itself now. I put some purple spray and antibacterial powder on it. He is limping tho and I'm a bit concerned about that but I'm sure with rest he'll heal up fine since he is still walking around, he's just lying down a lot more. Do y'all have any other advice or is this just a natural thing?
It will be sore for awhile until it heals some, but he will be fine. Check his new spur when it grows out. My rooster lost both spurs once, and his new spurs grew into the back of his legs, so had to be removed with pliers later.

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