Rooster broken leg


Nov 1, 2016
I came home to my rooster and he was just sitting on the ground. When I got closer he flipped/hopped away “not normal”. It’s been two days and he is still only sitting and doing a flop/run/walk when he gets excited for treats. I locked him in a separate coop with one hen so he didn’t get depressed. I can’t tell if his leg is broken,sprained, or what. He is in an enclosed run and I couldn’t find anything that would hurt him. I also can’t tell where it is injured. The leg is completely limp but when I was trying to find where it was hurt he just squaked a lot in no specific area. Any tips on if there is a way to check or if it will get better are appreciated. He isn’t walking on it it’s limp.
If the entire leg is limp he may have dislocated it at the hip or broken it close to the hip.
I would suggest taking him to a vet to get an X-Ray. You can't fix it if you can't see where the problem is.
A vet isn’t an option where I live that I know of. I’ve looked around and I can’t find a single one that will work ok chickens. I’m in central Florida If you know of one or someone else on here does it would be appreciated.
I had a rooster with a limp. Actually he just hopped on one leg. The joint was really swollen. I just made sure he had plenty of food and water not much lady action and over time he began to use it again. It seemed like the swelling went down and then he was able to use it more and more. Can you see an area that looks swollen or larger than normal? That may give you an indication of where it is injured. I know you can splint the leg may be with some craft sticks and light zip ties. Not exactly sure how you might do that alone you may need to have some help for sure. Put a towel over his head to help keep him calmer and hold on for the ride. That is about all I got 4 u. Wish I had more... Best of luck.

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