Rooster can't breathe while being held


6 Years
Apr 27, 2014
Ok guys so I have a weird situation and I'm totally stumped as to what is going on...

Today I went to pick up my rooster (Mr. Roo) to hold him under my arm, normally this is not an issue at all.... Today as soon as I picked him up he started wheezing and gasping like he couldn't breathe properly... I put my ear to his throat, it sounded like he was still getting air but when I took my face away from him to look at him I realised his comb and wattles had gone totally blue!! (this all happened in a matter of 10-20 seconds). I put him on the ground and within 30 seconds he was totally back to normal, breathing fine, comb/wattles red again, behaving like his usual self again.

A similar thing happened last time I picked him up (which was a few months ago) but that time I put him down again before he went blue.

Any ideas on what is going on??

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