Rooster can't crow after being jumped...

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  1. blueegger

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    Jan 28, 2009
    My Mille Fleur rooster has been the undisputed king around here for a while. The oldest of the roosters, he has been very successful at keeping the other boys away from his hens and has kept order around the house. Until, that is, last week, when a younger, and much larger roo waited for him to come out of his coop the other morning, and ambushed my little Mille. I was right there, and had to break up what I am sure would have been the end of the bantam. We got rid of the offending rooster right then, but since this incedent, my Mille Fleur is unable to crow. He used to have the most perfect Cock-a-doodle-doo! but now, in spite of stretching his wings and throwing back his head with all the gusto he's ever had, all he can manage is a horrible squeak. The rooster that beat him up did not crow either, which is why we let him stay here so long in the first place. He crowed a little when we first got him, but then just started squeaking. None of our other 30 some odd chickens are sick...all the hens lay well, everyone, including the Mille Fluer roo has bright red combs and wattles and eat well. They are free range and day range, so they are outside all day exposure to amonia. Our other roosters are still very vocal, in fact, since the downfall of the Mille Fleur, my Marans rooster has stepped in as head roo, and I think he's crowing more and louder than ever! My husband thinks that Jefferson, the Mille has just "lost his mojo," and I have to admit, he has not been the same cocky little guy he was before. Can a broken spirit be to blame for the loss of his voice? Could he have caught something from the other rooster? but if so, why was this never passed on to any other chickens, like when the big rooster bred hens? Any thoughts? I'm thinking about getting him a couple of young hens and putting him with them in one of our chicken tractors and try to build his spirit up. Not sure why, but I really miss the sound of his crow...
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    I have absolutely no clue but I'm so sorry to hear your little roos having trouble!!

    Here's a bump so maybe someone else can help you out!!

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    Apr 7, 2010
    i dont know much about cockeral anatomy, but could the bigger rooster have hurt the bantams throat/vocal cords? maybe they are bruised and in time he'll get is voice back?
    my previous rooster suffered a neck/throat injury after a wall fell on him, he never crowed again after that, just squeaked
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  4. blueegger

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    Jan 28, 2009
    Thanks! Just an update, the little roo, Jefferson has started crowing again! Loud as ever! Thanks for the well wishes. [​IMG]
  5. HorseFeatherz NV

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    So glad he is crowing again.

    Could have been bruised lungs, ribs or just very sore muscles. Crowing requires a deep breath with muscle control and just like people, if you have hurt your chest muscles/ribs or lungs, a deep breath can really be a struggle.
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    Mine is doing the same thing except if I take him out of the pen he crows put him in and he follows me around or stay inside on his roost I feel so bad for him I have tried getting rid of one of the other roosters but it is a no go.

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