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    Oct 5, 2014
    NE Oklahoma
    [​IMG] I love it! Bet the crow-offs at your house are quite a show!
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    Jun 15, 2015
    Roosters are my absolute favourite thing ever! I've had them all since chicks and have only ever had one aggressive one who was rehomed.
    When they get crowing, it's just awesome! It amazing how they each have a different voice and we always play a game where one person watches the chickens and one person closes their eyes, guessing who just crowed!
    I breed, and have a bunch of hens for all but seven Cochin boys who live together and don't seem to mind not having hens. I'm hoping one day to have enough hens for them too :)
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    I just read about "Sumatra" chickens...they are known to have a number of spurs...but I think they are usually black.
  4. the poppster

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    I watched your video...he looks like a Sumatran chicken...only black and white...I saw a black chicken in the background just for a looked just like the picture of the pure breed one in the book.
  5. the poppster

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    They are both Roos....just young yet...I started out with a Dominic, Barred Rock and a White Rock...the barred rock was the first to go this spring followed closely by the Dominic....they both got cocky.....I won't put up with an aggressive rooster....Don't want to have to watch my back, hands, face or ankles every time I enter the coop or white rock is pretty mellow....he's a bit bigger than I would wish but he's not mean. Your Dom looks like he might have a little something else mixed in....the brown might go away, but the one I had was black and white....right from the start....he sure is a beauty.
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  6. Lemac

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    Jul 22, 2015

    Sumatra is longtail & black color .
    9 spurs name of this breed from a Vietnamess legend story :

    The 18th king of the Hùng Vương Dynasty had a very beautiful daughter named Mỵ Nương. When she grew up and became a woman, the King was looking to arrange her for marriage. The King wanted to find an outstanding son-in-law who was not only handsome but also talented for his beloved daughter. So the King proclaimed a contest for anyone who could prove his worthiness. Many princes, famous writers, great artists, wealthy businessmen, and men with many talents from everywhere had come to try their best. Among them were two extraordinary men: Sơn Tinh, the Lord of the Mountain, and Thủy Tinh, the Lord of the Water. The King asked both of them to present their powers. Sơn Tinh just waved his hand, many trees grew up to make a forest. He just said a word and many mountains rose up. Thủy Tinh also got the same power. When he waved his hand, the wind began to blow. When he spoke a word, the sea level rose.
    Because both Sơn Tinh and Thủy Tinh met all the criteria to become Mỵ Nương's husband, it was difficult for the king to choose one between them. Finally, the king decided that who was the first to bring wedding gifts on the next day would marry the princess. The wedding gifts included a nine-tusk elephant, a nine-spur cock and a nine-mane horse. Early on the next morning, Sơn Tinh was the first one arrived and able to take Mỵ Nương back to Tản Viên Mountain, where he lived. Thủy Tinh came in a few minutes later. Realizing that Mỵ Nương had gone, he was very angry and furious. He and his servants ran after Sơn Tinh to take My Nuong back. He called heavy rain, strong wind and thunder, and also rose up the sea levels to defeat Sơn Tinh. However, as the sea levels rose up, Sơn Tinh used his magic to rise up the mountain as well. Everyone had to suffer the anger of Thủy Tinh because the flood, that he caused, destroyed all the lands and houses. Son Tinh also created dikes to protect people and their properties. The battle between the two Gods lasted from day to day. Finally, Thủy Tinh withdrew his water. However, he had never given up the idea of taking revenge to get Mỵ Nương back. Thus every year, people have to suffer flood as a consequence of Thủy Tinh's eternal bitterness and vengefulness.

    Nowadays in King 's land , have a breed of chicken named nine-spur . Rooster with 9 spur very few , but they often have 4,5 spur , even some hen have spur .
    They are very nice , nimble , aggressive chicken .
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  7. Outpost JWB

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    Mar 31, 2014

    Here's one of mine. King Tut. Crested Cream Legbar. His comb has been frostbit so many times. Seems to get frostbit easier than the other breeds I have. He is a super good rooster though. Surprised he doesn't starve to death. He always calls the girls to the food, but I rarely see him eating.
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    Nov 8, 2013
    [​IMG]He's not a rooster yet, but he is starting to act like it finally! Meet Stumpy, my 5.5 month old Black LF Cochin with a dislocated knee. Hope to hear him crow in Oct or Nov.Then I pray he will breed my blue and splash next spring.
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  9. the poppster

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    Well the Cobra (EE Roo) just signed his death warrant this am...unprovoked attack on my bare leg...he drew blood this time...that's it!!! He has to go!!! If I could have got a hold of him I would have had no misgivings about twisting his little pointed head off!!! But I didn't want to disturb the flock....he will be disappearing tonite!
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    Sep 25, 2015
    I got 20 cockerells all game cocks American English Cornish and Oxford game and LOTS OF HENS

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