Rooster crowing at midnight = death

Discussion in 'Random Ramblings' started by two j farm, Feb 23, 2017.

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    Howdy every one I have a neighbor that asked me today if anyone has died at our house. I looked at them like they was crazy and said no. Why? They said they hear my rooster crowing every night at midnight. Ok I said. They said that if a rooster crow's at midnight you have to kill it or someone in your family will die. Ok. Has anyone ever heard of this? And I was also told never kill a white rooster because they bring good luck. Never heard of good luck rooster. Please add your never hear that moment.
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  2. MerleMice

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    Maybe they're just sick of hearing a roster crowing in the middle of the night. XD
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  3. mustangrooster

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    Thats a bunch of nonsense.

    Thats just as silly as people believing Black cats are bad luck.
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    If you break a mirror you will have (7) years of bad luck. No but, if you step on the broken glass you will cut your feet.
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    Just some silly superstitious rubbish. (But that might be their way of saying your rooster is annoying them.)

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