Rooster damage/apron question

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    Ok my girls have had the company of a few roosters. This last one is a beauty and doesnt attack me (oh boy what a bonus) the girls like him too. However his technique stinks and the girls have feather loss from treading. I have made aprons that are perfect however they arent wearing them because Im concerned that the rain will soak them and the birds will suffer and in summer it is over 100 degrees and they will be too hot! In the mean time my girls are looking pretty poorly. Any input here? SHould I just put them on? Also there are a few birds that act psycho when I put the aprons on them. Should I just leave them be?
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    If this rooster is under a year old, he will be much better after he matures. Young ones are like teenage boys and their hormones are in overdrive. With maturity comes more gentlemanly behavior. .......Pop
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    Yes, the hens will adjust to wearing the aprons. They do act psycho when you first install them. Walking backwards is my favorite!

    Do you sew your own aprons? If so, why not get some mesh material, like they use for the liner in swimming trunks, and sew summer-weight aprons for the fleet?

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