rooster doesn't crow?

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    Dec 31, 2011
    i have two Dominique roosters that are both the same age. Poncho has been crowing for quite some time but Lefty does not. Poncho is a very easy going boy while Lefty can be pretty aggressive with the girls and he had a hand or may have been the only culprit in killing a Buff hen a couple weeks ago. Did not see the whole ordeal but he was the one that finished her off before we could get them separated. caught Lefty fighting with several birds this morning so he is in solitary in a dog crate while we build him his own run, (I don't have the heart to snuff him). For being such a pushy boy what are some possible reasons that he doesn't crow?

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    I am perplexed about the lack of crowing. It is good that you are separating him from the others.
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    he is dominated by the other rooster and is frustrated because he cant mate so separate him until a very hot sunny day and wash him and dunk hid head under water at least 8 times and make sure he cant hear the other chickens when he is dry and nice leave him for around 3 days in solitary and then reintroduce him tot he flock in an open area so there is room to run

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