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    Hi everyone. Yesterday afternoon two of my roosters got into an anwful fight and one ended up with a very large, about 2inch by 3inch open back wound. I wasn't home when it happened but immediately washed it when I got home. I thought that I had got all of the fly eggs out but this morning I noticed hundreds of baby maggots crawling throughout the wound. The skin around the injury is starting to turn green. I'm at a complete loss of what to do. I tried calling a few vets and none of them could suggest what to do until examining him and they are all out of town. He doesn't move and I have only been able to get him to drink a little bit of water. Does anyone have any suggestions at all? It is so bad.
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    Hi [​IMG] Welcome To BYC

    Can you post some photos of the wounds and rooster?

    If the wound has maggots in it, flush the wound with saline, diluted betadine or soapy/water (like dial soap)- a steady stream of warm water will initially help to get most of them out. After that, soak him in a warm tub of water with epsom salts, salt water, betadine, or soap/ water. Pick out all the maggots that you can find - you may need to use tweezers and manipulate the wound gently.

    Repeat the flushing/soaking until you don't see anymore maggots. Dry the wound and apply some Vetericyn or triple antibiotic ointment. You may need to repeat the flushing again the next day if more maggots are seen.

    Green skin is usually bruising. Make sure that is staying hydrated, offer some poultry vitamins and extra protein like egg or tuna to his normal feed.

    Keep him inside if you can on clean, dry bedding - this will help keep the flies off.

    Let us know how he is doing.

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