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  1. As an Easter gift, a friend has given me 6 roosters and a hen for my free range flock. I "collect" roosters you could say, but it is beginning to be more than I have coop space for. I have 2 coops planned for building this spring and summer.

    I got this idea, and have heard it before, can I make an isolated flock of JUST roosters?
    Will they fight if there's no hens to compete for?
    What would you feed a rooster flock?
    Could I occasionally take one and breed him with a specific hen, then put him back with his rooster flock? Or would he suddenly feel threatened by them?
    Could I ever free range my rooster flock alongside my original flock? Or would that be a huge no no?

    Any tips or information will be greatly appreciated! :)

    I live on a large farm, so there's is plenty of outside space!
  2. ALSO! Could I mix bantams and full sized roosters?
  3. Kessel23

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    Feb 6, 2018
    Hi Hannah
    I can answer this question but that is about it :clap
    I have a EE rooster that I got to successfully mount my silkie bantam, he is over 3 times her size. It was hard for him to connect and took him a few tries. He is a very gentle and experienced rooster and did not hurt her. The eggs afterwards were fertile, I imagine you could set them and hatch something, i'm not sure what though.
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    I recently attempted to keep my extra roosters as a flock alongside my regular flock and it did not work. The mixed flock was fine, not bothered by them, not even the resident roosters, but the rooster flock was pathetic. They spent the entire time at the fence trying to tidbit the hens and seldom ate themselves. They never relaxed unless the hens were all out of sight. Though they’d grown up together and fighting had not been a problem before, bullying became a problem, I think as a result of general frustration. If I did it again, I would make sure the rooster flock has quarters where they cannot see any hens.
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  5. @Harmony Fowl Thats good to know, I have goats and I've been considering adding netting over the open pen and letting my roosters live with them. Otherwise I've got a great out of sight area on the opposite side of my barns that could work as well. I think I'll give it a shot this year, but keep the hens away as you said. Thank you! :)
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  6. @Kessel23 Thanks! I might give it a shot next year, see what happens :idunno:jumpy
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    I now keep all extra roo's each to their own quarters,just to many issues with them as a flock,, good luck!
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  8. @RWise would rabbit cages work for a bantam rooster? If it's too small I have old dog pens that could work, they just don't have roofs.
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    Dec 25, 2012
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    I have used a rabbit cage as a broody buster, the open top of the other cage could be an issue with predators, or if he flies. My bachelor pads are about 6X12 (feet) for each bird.
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    Definitely possible.There could be fighting,but you have to know the difference between,bad fight and a “Play” fight.If you free range then together you might as well just let them live together,either way their all gonna over mate them.

    You can always take one out and breed him,but there may be a squabble or to when he’s added back in,he would need to be Seperate with a hen for atleast a week or two I’d say.

    Best to feed all flock.

    There is nothing wrong with constant tidbitting and extra stuff,ALL roosters or most do that,regardless of separation issues,it isn’t pathetic,it’s a good thing their doing what a rooster does.They are likely to be just as restless even when not separated,that’s just a rooster for you.
    Bullying can happen usually when you have very little space and not enough feeding/watering stations,and roosters in general are probably gonna bully.How many roosters are you wanting to keep together?
    You could keep bantams but just like with regular hens and bantam hens,they could get bullied more frequently Due to size.
    You could keep 2 to a cage alongside one another.

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