Rooster foot problem!!!help!!

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  1. Andy is our head roo & he has had foot probs lately,month or 2 ago we caught him&fixed up his feet.But today he has a bad limp,he doesnt want to put hardly any weight on it,and the tip of his toes are yellow-y white-ish,but they were like that the 1st time.He is at least 2 yr.s old,I suspect 3, he is eating &drinking fine,I think its from walking through the sludge next door,the free range,we cant pick any of them up without an all day event.WHAT DO I DO? I love him dearly...[​IMG]
    his feet are post-first treatment in this pic,they look fine,right?
    oh,and the reason we decided to catch&treat his feet the first time is because he lost his far right toenail on his right foot.
    (we have other roosters but they stink at being roosterly,if we keep him up more than a day,their chicken kingdom falls apart,we can only keep him up again if absolutly nessicary
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    Cant see much from the picture, are any of his toenails torn to the quick ? Does he have any swelling on the pad of his foot or bumblefoot?
  3. not that i know of,im fairly positive its not bumble foot,we havent caught him today,so as of a new thing i wouldnt know,all i know is what i already posted,so frustrating![​IMG]
  4. his feet looked better today,still sorta swollen&yellow(his feet are normally blue-grey),and he was holding each foot up at some point,even while eating.HELP?[​IMG]
  5. here are his toes before the 1st time we fixed them up,they are simaler now,but worse

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