Rooster has possible infection and other health concerns.


Dec 28, 2021
Central Minnesota
So I had been trying to get a closer look at my roosters legs because there were red spots going up the back of his shanks. I have only had chickens for about 6 weeks and these were a family member who needed to re-home because of moving. They are a year old at the end of the month. There are six and this morning I was able to get a better look finally. At least 4 of the hens have faint spots on their legs. They are not acting lethargic or out of the ordinary. They do free range and go into the woods some. There was a case of bumble foot in one hen but it was mild and treated and better now. The chicken health handbook for possible causes had Maraks or Avian Influenza... not helpful. And I honestly am not sure how long the spots have been there if they have been there since I received them at the end of May or not.

The kicker is though once I caught my rooster to get a closer look (NOT EASY) I was doing a look over for a medical check and found this wound that looks infected on his chest by his wing. So recommendations on treating that? I have him in a cage so I can treat him more easily but he can still see the his flock.

One more thing, is it normal to have black flecks in their comb? The don't come off and don't look like mites or lice or something.

Your input is much appreciated!


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The red line going up the legs shows hormones are flowing, it's not a concern.

The black specks are just peck wounds, & will go away.

Good luck with your birds.
Thank you! I feel much better now... I have been concerned that I was neglecting my birds in some way. Now I can stop worrying about this. Your fast response is much appreciated!

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