8 Years
Mar 3, 2014
So apparently now have 1 silkie cockerel:idunnoas well as a cochin that is working on crowing at the moment. Total, I will have 4 regular sized girls and 2 banty hens (2 toms too, but I don't count them because they could care less about the whole thing lol). Can I keep the cochin and the silkie rooster or is it too few hens. (They all free range on 6 acres, but stay on my porches to poo :lau.) I am thinking one will have to go at some point really bc every rooster I've ever had has gotten aggressive towards us. I've hand raised them and I've tried raising them with as little human interaction as possible. They all get mean! :hitTIA for any advice y'all may have!
Personally I base this type of decision on what I see, not what someone in totally different circumstances says might happen. With living animals and their behaviors no one can tell you what will happen, just what might. And I try to decide for the benefit of the entire flock, not just one individual.

It sounds like you have immature pullets and cockerels. Don't be surprised to see a change in behavior soon. But it also sounds like you've been through this before so you probably have an idea of what to expect. I'd certainly have a Plan B ready, probably a separate place I could temporarily house one while you are trying to re-home him.

With that much room it might work out, but have your plan ready.
That's great but do they have safe coop(s) at night?
Oh yes! I have a very large, completely closed in, coop and two small movable ones... and a LGD, that loves her birds lol!
I think you are all so right about every flock being different. I think I should have more confidence in myself to decide what to do. I just worry about being a great chicken Momma! And with the bad luck we've had with our roosters thus far :barnie
I didn't expect too get so much insight! Thank you all!!!

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