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  1. bietsch624

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    Nov 28, 2008
    I've seen rooster houses in magazines and wondered if you are suppose to keep your rooster separate from you hens...
  2. Tala

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    The only places I have seen "rooster houses" are on rooster farms, where they just keep roosters because they aren't interested in eggs....

    Anyway, I like to have a rooster in the flock. They are interesting to watch as they interact with the hens and even with other roos. There's no real reason to keep them separated.

    A rooster guards and protects his flock, and calls them for treats, rounds them up for bed, dances and romances for the ladies, etc. They are fun to have in the flock!
    You just need one roo for up to 10 hens [​IMG]
  3. jeslewmazer

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    Nov 24, 2009
    No you do not have to keep you rooster separate from your hens.
    I used tee pees for my game roosters. That is the only way they can free range with more than one rooster. Otherwise it would be a blood bath. The game chickens are completely different than standard poultry (except maybe the feed aspect). It is easier to tame a rooster that is on a cord. It cuts down the hazards for you and the bird. I separate my unwanted standard poultry breeds so not to let them breed, definitely when I want certain a rooster with certain hens.
  4. bietsch624

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    Nov 28, 2008

    Thanks for the info..this is our first Roo..I hope he's not hurting the girls when he's "romancin" them...
  5. evonne

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    Oct 5, 2009
    Las Vegas
    i'm considering making a roo run so that they can't get to the girls i don't want them to get to while the girls are free ranging... i'll have different breeding pens and may want to switch out the roos from time to time depending on what i need hatched....

    my roo's:
    1 EE roo (egg color he's throwing is unknown at this point)
    1 sex link roo
    3 leghorn/EE roos
    4 cuckoo marans roos
    1 frazzle red banty cochin roo
    1 smooth barred banty cochin roo
    1 MFD'uclle roo

    the cochin's have their own pens with their breeding girls
    but the others all free range together right now....

    i LOVE my sex link roo... he is alpha i'm going to hate penning him up, but i don't want him in my breeding program.. he may get to stay with the mixed layers though.. or maybe in the roo pen to keep the peace.. he's awsome as alpha.. he's gimpy.. messed up leg... but he whoops my EE who's been here longer and is younger than he is...

    but the EE roo (especially if he's throwing green or blue) and the marans will be interchanged with my green and blue layers and my 2 marans hens to alternate between EE hatching eggs, and olive egger hatching eggs

    i don't want to have the sex link or the EE get to the hens when i'm selling hatching eggs as olive eggers...
    or the marans roo when i'm selling blue/green EE's....

    as long as your boys can get along, and have a good alpha, no reason not to keep them all together in a bachelor pad....
    *cant wait to be able to have the $$ to do my pens and runs the way i want*

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