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    Background --- I had one hen who refused to go into the coop due to the young cockerels --- She took up residence in my one shrub and I didn't worry about her and then she started sneezing ---

    I kept hoping that it would clear up on its own, but it really didn't --- Well, to make a long story short --- most of the flock began sneezing/sniging.

    I have them on anitbiotics (Duramycin) for the past 3 days and they appear to be getting better --- I have this friendly rooster that sort of became a pet -- He went thru the sneezing process and no longer sneezes -- It appears that he doesn't really have his balance at times --- This morning, he was still on the roost when I checked on them around noon and when he flew off, he had a rough landing --- yet, he can walk to the food and water and all looks well as he seems to be eating and drinking and then when I check again, I see him with his head completely under his belly and he is walking backwards --- I can straighten the neck and he doesn't squawk and he can appear to be good again.

    I was concerned that it might be Newcastle's Disease, but if so, none of the other hens exhibit this symptom --- they just sneeze and go on.

    Any idea what might be causing his problem -- I am sort of at my wit's end trying to think of ways of a treatment that will work. Thanks.
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    The rooster has symptoms of wry neck or torticolis, which can be due to injury to his head, vitamin or electrolyte deficiency, and from infectious diseases. Exotic Newcastles Disease isn't found in the US, but other respiratory diseases can cause it when there is brain inflammation. I would give him vitamins that include, thiamine (vitamin B1,) vitamin E, and selenium. Selenium is found in eggs, ground nuts, sunflower seeds, and tuna and meat. Poultry Cell vitamins and Poultry Nutri-Drench contain all 3. Here is a list of respiratory diseases with symptoms, and 2 links on wry neck:
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