rooster issues...put on notice for now


9 Years
Nov 12, 2010
Baltimore, MD
I have a RIR roo named gilda. I raised him from a week old chick and he has never given me issues (just a very mellow guy that i can call and pick up w/o issue). He is currently reaching the year old mark.


my mom holding gilda

Take note: He has never been aggressive to me or anyone around our house.


me with gilda

Today my older sister was visiting (she comes over once a month and doesnt do much with the chickens so is a bit unfamilar with them), gilda charged at her and tryed to flog her! She had to kick him back but he kept charging at her. Meantime i am currently at work and i am getting these frantic text from her asking me what to do. She was able to grab him but couldnt pick him up.

I am in shock bc he is such a mellow rooster and shows no aggression towards us that live there.
I really dont want to part with him bc he is great to us and his ladies.

do you think this is a rare occurance bc she was unfamilar?

or do you think he is generally getting more aggressive?
either way, he is on notice and I am going to have a talk with him when i get home.
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I believe he is showing the first signs of human aggression. I think you may need to lock him up when you are having visitors over. Hopefully that stops the problem. If he starts attacking the chicken caretaker- put him in the pot.

Good luck.
I had one like that. So far he has stopped but another occurrence will be fixed. Quick, fast and in a hurry. On advice I had gotten, I picked him up and carried him which embarrassed him in front of the others, done the chicken dance to the amusement of my dogs, while thinking i will turn you into a chicken nugget. (The last part was for me

I have been told by several people...never to coddle and make a pet out of a rooster. They will treat you like another roo. And anyone one else that come in their path. Sadly, I have to agree with the other poster, you may have to cull him if he don't straighten up.
My sister has not been back over yet but it appears to just be her (which is kinda of funny to me bc she hated them when i got them and had little to do with them before she moved out) .
Everyone else who has came into our yard has been fine...they still run up but only to beg and see if you will give them anything edible (their normal traits). I have never had a problem with him nor have i been threatened/ever had to watch my back. I think he just doesnt like my sister.
She does not belong and he is protecting his territory. We had a goose adopt our farm, (looking back she was probably dumped), she HATED our cousin! As soon as he would pull in the driveway in his big red truck. She was at the drivers side door on the attack! It got to the point that he would pull to the front door and climb out his window onto the porch and rush threw the door to avoid her. Then she would get up outside the screen door and watch him while he was inside. He tried bringing her treats. Nothing helped. It was funny at first, but after a few years it was just ridiculous.
I hate to say it, but his hormones are kicking in and you're most likely next. For a flogging I mean.......not hormones. I've had two just like that. Nice as can be, hand raised then one day it's like a light switch went on and they felt the need to flog anyone who came in the yard. A lot of BYC forum members pointed out that there are too many nice roosters out there to keep a grumpy one.

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