Rooster just tried to attack 3 yo

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    TRIED. I could sense he was going to try something - 3 yo was standing in front of run door, rooster was inside wanting out. He lept at her, I kicked him before he did anything to her. (Thank God, she's not mine.) He went down in a "so yah wanna fight?" mode - which he has NEVER done before when I've kicked him. (When he flaps and puffs at me.) He usually runs away and tries to look small. (Which is hard for a 9+ pound buff orpington.) He flew at me, I kicked him again. In the head. Whoops. He didn't come at me again, but I kicked him again for good measure. He was done with the fight, but I wasn't. No sir. I chased him around the yard for a good couple minutes, all the while he got smaller and smaller until he looked like a leghorn. 3 yo didn't know what happened, just laughed at me because I looked ridiculous chasing a chicken. I don't really know what I am asking, because I already know what ya'll are going to say, because I've given the advice before - cull him.
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    Well, as a momma of a toddler, thanks for keeping an eye out and saving your little visitor!
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    I agree you answered your own question. If the child is a regular at your place, or any other child, and the rooster is not penned....better off without him. Small kids and roosters are just not a good match.
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    Roosters are naturally like that. Anything that seems a threat to them, is a threat, and they are going to try to fight it. I had a rooster who attacked me when I got five feet away from him. I kept him around, but he got taken by a fox a almost half a year ago. They are good if you are free ranging your flock to provide protection, but they can be nasty. You definitely did the right thing by giving him a kick. I guess it's your choice on what to do with him next.

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