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Jun 5, 2011
I posted here a while ago about a rooster that always wanted to attack me through the fence. Well the other day he got out, and finally made contact:rolleyes: I have two large bruises on my leg. Although i didnt let him get away with it, he got whacked with the pitch fork quite a few times then ran away, now today he is back at it! still trying to attack through the fence! Im a little over 7 months pregnant right now and really dont want to have to keep dealing with this, he wont stop! He doesnt bother my husband. Just bothers me
Any tips on how to handle this?
Remove him from the flock as soon as possible. Kill him or give him away. You have a little one on the way and don't need to worry about attacking roosters.
I would but he is not owned by us. He is owned by the neighbor who's coop fence is right up agaisnt our yard, I dont mind the chickens coming over and visiting our turkeys but this rooster really has it out for me
Maybe I will just have to carry a broom or shovel around with me for a while?
Talk to the neighbor and let them know what is going on. Let them know you will defend yourself, and if you think there will be legal trouble, document the rooster attacking you. I know that sounds silly but you need proof the rooster is a problem. Chances are the rooster attacks other people, too.
Talk to your neighbor now. If he/she won't do anything then the little snot needs to have an "accident".

Really, he needs to be dealt with before your little one wants to start playing in the yard. Aggressive roos and small kids do not mix.
Throw a jack russell terrier in with the rooster. Tell the neighbor the dog got loose just as the rooster did!
Once they attack, they are almost impossible to break from it. I had a rooster like that, I would hit him with something and he would stop for a week or so. But then a week or so later, he was back trying to attack me. I finally sold him, I could not break him from it.

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