Rooster stopped crowing and is coughing and sneezing.

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I am new to chickens but I just got a beautiful flock of 12 hens and one Barred Rock Rooster. I also picked up three black sex linked pullets from a different farmer and put them in with the rest of the flock. On day two I noticed the sex links were sneezing and one had pooped red which I believe was lining but I don't know for sure. Two of the sex link pullets died within three day. Then I noticed the Rooster stopped crowing because he's sneezing and all congested. A few of the other hens are sneezing a bit but not to much yet. I have been treating them all for 6 days now with Duramycin -10 at a pretty high dose. The rooster does not seem to be improving, do you think there is a chance it could be Corid? I would appreciate any suggestions. Thank you.
Your beautiful flock of 12 hens and BR rooster just became a respiratory disease infected flock of sick or soon to sick birds that you will have to continue to treat with antibiotics for life or eventually cull. This is due to the fact that you introduced 3 Black Stars into your flock with or without knowledge they were carriers of a respiratory disease and shouldve been quarantined away from your existing flock for at least 6 weeks. During the quarantine period you wouldve observed respiratory disease symptoms and shouldve immediately culled the sex links and disinfected the quarantine area, then immediately change clothing and practice's called biosecurity to prevent the spread of respiratory diseases to an otherwise healthy flock.
Antibiotics mixed in water are usually ineffective in treating birds with respiratory diseases. Sick birds wont drink and if they do, it's not enough to be effective. You can purchase tylan 50 injectable and dose them. Here's a link regarding dosages:
If you decide to keep your sick birds and treat them with tylan, eventually whatever type of disease they have will build resistance to the tylan requiring a more potent antibiotic such as baytril. Eventually they'll build resistance to baytril....there isnt anything after baytril. Egg production will be low and you'll have to toss eggs in the garbage due to egg withdrawal periods from the antibiotics. Duramycin has a 21 day withdrawal period, tylan injectable 7 days, baytril 5 days. If it's a viral disease, antibiotics are ineffective. You'll have to maintain a closed flock. No new birds in, none out. No selling or giving away eggs to be hatched as some respiratory diseases can be passed through eggs. I recommend that you cull sick birds.
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This is certainly not what I wanted to hear Flock Master, however it does confirm what I have been reading. I should have known to quarantine the new birds but never thought people would actually sell sick poultry. I have learned a very valuable lesson. :(

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