Rooster thinks I'm his hen??

Discussion in 'Chicken Behaviors and Egglaying' started by Skitt-Chicks, Jul 20, 2016.

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    May 3, 2014
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    Anyone else experienced this? My little rooster, now 18 weeks is reaching maturity, and showing signs of being ready to mate. He has not chosen a hen...but has seemed to be showing interest in me?!?! It's kinda cute, he drops his wing and dances around me, chases other hens and roosters away from me, makes a cooing noise, jumps into the nest box and "preps" it, then crows. He must've heard a few roosters are going, and he really needs to show me a reason why he needs to stay. HAHA! Is this normal behavior? I love that he jumps into my lap and snuggles. I watched the little guy hatch too, so maybe imprinting? Do chickens do that? He's a special guy, and probably going to keep him, but don't tell him that! Don't want him to turn nasty on me!
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    The roos that I have seen do there dance around me or another person then attacked that person or myself.
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    I personally do not baby my roo. i treat him as livestock and largely ignore him, but I do ensure that he remains a couple of metres away from me at all times, and that he gets out of my way if I walk towards him. Might sound a bit crazy, but I did not do these things with my first roo and he ended up in the crockpot because he attacked me. Others may not manage their roo in this manner, but it has worked for me with past 3 Roos that I have had.

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  4. Trying to be friends with your Rooster is not a good idea. Your not his hen....He is showing classic Rooster behaviour and will most likely attack you or someone else. He is flicking his wing and dancing around to warn you he means business...Your a threat to his flock. Start chasing him away from you and never turn your back too him.
    Best advise I can give you. My Rooster runs far away from me when he sees me coming.
  5. ambergds

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    May 18, 2016
    Can you talk more about how you treat your rooster. I don't mean to hijack the thread but I have a young cockerel that I'm hoping will turn out better than my last and first rooster. He was a mean human hater. Thanks
  6. Treat him as though your are the head of the flock..Keep him away from you at least a six foot distance.
    If he does his dance or strums his wing near you??? Chase him. Never turn your back to him, he sees that as weakness and will pounce you. My young Rooster stays completely away from me, even when I put out treats he stands back till I walk away. So far he only shows Rooster behaviour to the hens.
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    Genetics play a big role in rooster behavior, and human aggression is one of these traits. It can be modified by management, but may appear in cocks regardless of husbandry styles. I totally am on the side of treating my cockrels NOT as cuddly pets, and demanding my space and respect at all times. I've still had little jerks appear; one bantam boy started attacking me at eight weeks of age! I will attempt to correct a cockrel who wants to take me on, maybe two or at most three times. Then he's on the dinner list! The OP's boy is very likely to turn out badly, IMO. I much prefer cockrels who never have a bad thought in my direction; they stay on the possible breeder list. Mary

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