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  1. lovemyflock

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    Apr 23, 2008
    Ok, so last weekend a hawk attacked one of my hens while they were all out free ranging. My girl was very traumatized and didn't eat well for almost a week. She also is still keeping one of her eyes closed all the time. Today was the first morning she had been back out with the flock since the attack. Well my big-dumb-cornish x- rescue-rooster attacked her. He's huge and he jumped on top of her and started pecking her very aggressively. I kicked him off of her and tossed him out of the run. My hen was scared to death, she ran into the coop and hid behind the food bin. When I picked her up and took her back into the run she seemed ok, and started mingling with the other girls (who all accepted her back just fine) and pecking at the some he didn't do any damage, but I just don't know what to do with him now.

    I'm not having him attack my girls, I'm just not going to put up with that. I've had my hens for a year and a half, I've only had him since September. He's been out with the girls for about 2 months, so he seemed to be pretty adjusted. We've known he is a rooster for about a month, and he just started crowing a week ago. I have him in the garage by himself for now until I can figure out what to do with him. I'd love to find him a new home, but I don't know anyone that wants a big white rooster...if I can't find him a new home I was thinking of keeping him separated until the weekend then seeing how he does with her when I am home and can supervise them better.

    So my questions are:

    Do you think this aggressive behavior is going to continue, since he is just now maturing? or do you think he just forgot who she was and will be ok with time?

    He is a really big boy, and he just started he going to get bigger?? How much growing do they do after they start crowing? He's a cornish x...Right now he is the size of a turkey, and he is solid..he's just huge.

    What about when he's ready to start getting frisky with the hens? They are all standard large breed hens (RIR, Australorp, etc..with one Polish) Is he going to be too big for them, so that he could hurt them?

    Ugh...I just don't know what to do with this boy! And we don't eat our chickens, so that isn't an option. [​IMG]
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    Get rid of him now. They are meat birds and meant to be eaten. He will want to be frisky right away, and if he's an aggressive bird he will probably always have that tendency. I always have lots of roosters to choose from, and when one is aggressive, it goes in the pot. Yes, he was being mean b/c she was new, but you don't want that guy to breed with your nice girls. Those big fellas don't usually live very long anyway. The Cornish X types I mean.

    I understand not wanting to eat your bird, but I would be willing to bet that anyone who is willing to take him just plans on making chicken and noodles. Sorry. I know that's harsh.
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    Well I was going to suggest that his attacking her may have been his juvenile way of TRYING to get But I'm not familiar w/that breed. Either way, I couldn't deal with a rooster hurting my girls, so he'd have to go. Would any neighbors want him for the stew pot???
  4. Chicky Tocks

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    Cornish X you say? Sounds like dinner to me!
  5. lovemyflock

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    Apr 23, 2008
    Quote:If that is the case, then I cannot keep him. I've never had a rooster, so I don't really know what the process is like...As soon as he came out of the house he saw her and was trying to get to her. All the other hens were just minding their own business, and didn't care that she was back at all. He was actively stalking her. I walked in between them and kind of blocked him to keep him away from her for a couple minutes, then I bent down to take care of the water and he attacked her. He got a big mouthful of feathers I'm not really sure if that was frisky behavior or just aggressive. It seemed just agressive to me, and my hen was screaming, scared to death. [​IMG]
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    I agree with Mrs. Puffs. He is a meat bird and will not live long. What I have read in the meat section is most dont live past 12 weeks and the ones that do, die before 6 months. Personally, I would eat him, rehoming him wouldnt make sense, as he is headed for the end soon anyways. IMO I think it is kind of mean to keep him seperate until he dies but that will have to be a personal decision. I dont keep agressive roos, there are a ton of great roosters out there and my hens are too valuable / important.
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    [​IMG] That is a very good read. I will definetly try what it said. Very informitive.
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    I would serve him with dumplings and gravy.

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