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I just received this huge rooster that I ordered from another state. He is 4 months old. Instead of taking him one night to arrive, it took 2! He at first was a little stiff and nervous acting. I kept him as comfortable as I could. This was about 2 weeks ago when I got him. He would be kinda stiff, then go out and want to lay in the sun. Never seen anything like this, just would go out and lay on his side. I at one time thought he was gone! He then just gets up and walks around and eats. I received this medication from a vet called Amprol. I just started him on it Saturday and was told to continue for 7 days. He just didn't act right for a little bit and someone told me because of the stress he could have this cocc...... can't remember how to spell it but anyway, he has seemed better, but just noticed when he walks, his legs still shake just a little and sometimes seems off balance just a little. I thought a couple days ago his wings were drooped a bit, but didn't look like it this morning. I guess I don't know what I'm asking, just if someone could give me a little advice. Could he still be stressed? Maybe give him time on this medicine. I just read somewhere I shouldn't be giving him laying feed with my hens; we always have other roosters in the past. I give him that and this scratch. We always had hens and never problems. I just had to have this one big jersey giant rooster and now find myself worried about him every day. Mel
I have a roo that was fine yesterday and is walking wobbly today. So I would like an answer to your question. I have read that it could be mites or a vitamin B deficiency. I am treating for both right now. I hope one works.

Really. That would not make me happy. I just got him from out of state. I better check him good. I bought a couple different things for him for the vet thought he might have a mild case of Coccidiosis; caused by the stress of shipping, etc. So I have him on Amprol. I also have this Vita-Pro-B for him but have been waiting to hear back from the vet to see if I can give him that at the same time. I would think it would be ok, but don't want him to get sick. I also have Sulfadimethoxine which I believe is also for that Coccidiosis, but don't want to over medicate him. I noticed him running and he kinda hobbles but he does run. It's weird. All our hens are healthy and good, I sure hope he gets better. He's so pretty. He is eating and drinking good! I'll check him for the other; I guess I'd see them under his wings or something???? Never had that problem. Wow. Thanks so much.
Hi Melody,

I sent you a message, go ahead and ignore it. I thought you sent me an email about something else.

So where to check for mites. To be honest I have not seen mites on any of my birds but quite a few are sleepy and lethargic and pale looking. In my reading mites may be the problem so I have dusted for them.

Too look for them I check all over in between their feathers at their skin and around their vents. Also if you do a search of the website for mites there is alot of info.

I am treating them all for worms and then I will add vitamin B to their water. I am going to try all the easy stuff first.

My roo is doing better but still slightly wobbly. I did get some vitamin B in him before I put wormer in their water, so maybe doing both will help.

Giving the vits with the amprol is not a good idea--amprol blocks the cocci protazoa from feeding off the b vits and if you add extra vits the amprol won't work as well. You're right about the sulfa, don't use them together. Corid (amprol) usually works well on cocci and is easier on the bird so I'd just stick with what you're doing for now. You could give them some scrambled eggs or tuna for a good protien boost/treat too.
Thanks so much for the information. I did get a hold of a vet and he told me the same thing. After the Amprol, then do the vita B; he should be ok. I've just never seen a chicken shake like he does in the legs. I mean it's not bad, but just a little and then the balance thing. I'll give him time and see. I did try scrambled eggs and he didn't eat it. He is eating the feed/scratch real good, but wouldn't pick up the scrambled eggs. My hens even go nuts over pieces of bread and he will not eat that niether. Maybe I'll try tuna and see what he thinks of that. Again thank u.

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