Rooster with bad leg. Slipped tendon?


6 Years
Jul 11, 2013
Boise Idaho
Our sweet 4 month old rooster Rusty, started limping a couple weeks ago, the limp got worse and worse until he wouldn't stand on one leg anymore. Now his right leg is hanging completely limp and useless. I've separated him from the rest of the flock, and he is still his usual sweet chipper self, eating and drinking and seems hungry. But the right leg is worse. He's not standing anymore at all, doesn't even try. He is only sitting and kind of flopping around. No sign of improvement, the leg actually feels cold, while the other leg feels warm. It also looks swollen especially around feet and toes. I read about slipped tendon, but I do not know if that is the problem. I felt around the bad leg which he didn't mind at all, it was almost like he couldn't feel it. I didn't feel any tendons off to the side. I'm really hoping there is something I can do for him. If there's someway I can get him back on his feet, then we can just keep them as a pet. I would appreciate any one with experience or insight.
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