Rooster with bloody wing

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    Jun 14, 2014
    Hey everyone. My neighbor seems to have accumulated a great deal of animals, including 5 dogs, 2 hens and a rooster. Every morning for the past 2 weeks the rooster (about 3 months old) has been flying into my chicken's run and eating their food. I wouldn't have an issue with it if she seemed to at least try to keep him confined but she keeps claiming they are 'free run' chickens. Her 2 hens used to come around 2 weeks ago but have stopped now. Frankly I think her dogs ate them. 2 days ago my husband brought him back to her and she waved him off saying she was tired of taking care of chickens and only keeps them because her children are attached. We left the rooster there but in the morning he was back again. This time poking outside the fencing trying to get in. I opened the gate and let him go in. He seemed healthy enough but the whole day he remained in the run and wouldn't fly out. I asked my daughter to take a look at him (she is studying animal science in college). When she did she found his wing had a bite in it. It was scabbing but still pussy. There was also a section just above his tail that was missing feather and a was scabbing a bit. I got out neosporin and sprayed it on and then again that night. I left him in the coop with my hens. You may say this was unwise but watching them together they simply ignored each other. No aggression whatsoever. This morning I poked in there and there is blood all over his wing. I initially thought the girls did it to him but watching them they still don't show any aggression. I separated them anyway but I think he may have done it to himself. I have a separate smaller coop and fencing that I plan to keep him in but what am I supposed to do about it? If I send him back home the dogs are going to get him. They already run around my property every morning. Would it be unwise to cut away some of the feathers around the wing wound? I want to clean it out but it is matting pretty badly. Advice please!

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