Rooster with sour crop?? Help please!?


Mar 9, 2020
Yadkin river area NC
I think my roo has sour crop. He's not eating but he won't stop drinking. He seems to like spit up. I know that chickens can't vomit but he has liquid coming out of his mouth. His crop is big and squishy and feels like a water balloon. He's not crowing and is slow moving if he moves at all. I'm not sure what to do but everything I google about what's going on with him comes to sour crop. I do know that he's not impacted because there is nothing hard anywhere around his crop. It's just a big soft squishy lump. I don't want him to have any lasting problems from this and want to get it cleared up as soon as possible. I have him separated from the others. I was reading another post where it said nystatin is safe for them. I have some in cream form that was prescribed for my baby when he had diaper rash. Can I use this?

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