6 Years
Dec 30, 2017
I haven't any chickens yet? I hope to get my girls next year. The problem is I have a Rooster from where it came I do not know? I guess he is a Polish? He is white, black with a hat on top. He attacks me when I walk. I have tried to find someone to take him and no one wants him. All they say is "NO"
I can't have him with my girls!

Any ideas on what to do with this Rooster?
You have more options than you realize. Lots of people would like to have him, and a Polish is a novel bird on top of it.

Craig's List is a very popular and free venue for letting folks know you have a very unique little rooster that would make a fine pet and he's free to a good home. Just stress the positives and ignore the negatives. Roosters tend to tailor their behavior to the temperament of the person who is caring for them, so a new owner could find him charming and very cooperative.

Notices stuck on bulletin boards at feed stores or food co-ops are also free and can reach people looking for a rooster. I happened to learn I had a local radio station that announced daily pet placement offers free of charge. I had people within two days contact me to adopt the two roosters I needed to rehome.
I agree with what @azygous had previously mentioned. A majority of folks will say to themselves and to others, that roosters are not good birds. While this may be true for a couple of particular roosters, it is the same with hens. Each gender has the good and the bad.

For instance, a few options before you considering the oven:
  • Craigslist, as mentioned above, is a very good forum for selling/giving away your birds. Particularly, selling may be a better option if you'd like him to go to a friendly home.
  • Taming him to treat the 'ladies' properly. There are a few scattered recommendations for taming roo's whether it be toward humans or hens. You'll find some information here at BYC under "Maintaining a Heathly Flock" along with other article areas.
  • Using him for breeding, if, you ever planned to during the Springtime. If you do not want him mating the hens currently and aren't ready for chicks, you can simply remove the eggs from the coop once laid.
  • Rehome him- whether it's Craigslist (or) other friendly commericalling web forums and newspapers near your area.
  • Something called "Hen Saddles" can help hens while molting... if, they're being overly bugged by the rooster. (Granted I prefer not to use these on my girls, they can be useful to other folks.)
Whatever option works best for you and your birds is the way to go.

I believe that roosters are underrated creatures. Yes. They are frisky. Yes. They can be grouchy. It is their nature and God destined them that way for many reasons. Roosters are wonderful gaurd animals and as far as I'm concerned- they can also make wonderful pets!

I'fhad encounters with some nasty roosters. Then, I get the ones like Magnum. (Not the brightest bulb in the box, but a sweetheart.)


Best of luck and Godspeed. WIll be rooting for you and your flock- hope everything works out well!

-Angry Hen
Do you like him? sometimes the stew pot is the best place for a disagreeable rooster....
Yeah, he is kind of cute - the problem is when I get the girls I don't want him messing with them. My husband likes him and is getting a kick out of him. He doesn't mind someone taking him it's just he doesn't want him to be food.

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