13 Years
Mar 5, 2010
I have two ameraucanas and here are the pics. I am thinking the bigger one is a rooster but dont know much about this breed. There are no spurs yet. Whacha think?

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Definately a rooster He looks like he is crossed witha silver lakenvelder. I've never seen an Auracana with a single comb and those markings.
He's an easter egger.
Easter Egger rooster, but as someone else said, looks very much like part Lakenvelder, but hard to say anything for certain except that he's a he and an EE of some sort. They are not Ameraucanas, though. The hen is pretty!
thanks so much for all your replies. That is what I was thinking but wasnt sure. If I were to breed him with the easter egger hen, would the babies lay blue eggs when they grow up, since he may be a mix?
They both look like EEs, so it is possible. I'm not sure if the egg a chick hatches out of has anything to do with what color they will lay, but it might. EEs can pretty much lay any color. So you should have a good chance for blue/green eggs from the offspring.
If he is a EE cross or not he would already be considered a cross just for being an EE. That is from my understanding of EEs.
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