Roosters chasing all hens and other roosters

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Jul 29, 2015
Good evening everyone!

I have 15 chickens all 6 months old. at least 3 are RIR roosters, then I have RIR hens and 4 NJ Giants the rest are Dottes all females. None of my hens are lying yet despite all my trick attempts and my rooster bully each other and all the hens. I think they are keeping my hens from laying. The one rooster really dominates the flock. and is very aggressive towards the others. Any suggestions .Thanks in advance
It sounds like there's a couple things going on. The first thing is that you have too many roosters for the amount of hens you have. You need to either get more hens or rehome at least one and possibly two of your roosters to obtain the proper ratio. With three roosters to twelve hens, especially with all three cockerels just coming into their hormones, you are looking at potentially a lot of overmating, stressed hens (which may contributing to your lack of eggs) and even injuries.

It also sounds like your dominant rooster is giving everyone a hard time. You do not want to keep a rooster that is mean to the hens - that behavior should just not be tolerated at all, there are too many good roosters looking for homes to put up with it. Personally that's the one I would get rid of, but it's up to you.

As for the lack of eggs, are you seeing any signs that they are coming into lay, such as their combs growing in and becoming red? Is it possible they have a hidden nest somewhere? Adding a light to your coop could help stimulate them to produce eggs if they aren't currently.
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Ok well that's some good information. No they are not laying and yes their combs are in and most are red. I have put artificial eggs in the boxes to see if that would help with no success. I think the main issue is the roosters and I have placed ads on local chicken swaps and livestock groups for sale and have had no luck. I will put light in coop with timer and see if that helps. and no I have looked to see if they were laying somewhere else but nothing. Thanks for you help. Have a great night. I let you know how it goes. Unfortunately, Im not into putting my roasters into the freezer but may have no choice. Are they too young.
No, six months is fine for processing them if you need to. I'm in the same boat - I've got 6 cockerels I have to rehome and if I can't, they have to go in the freezer.
Problem is 3 young cockerels.
Crate up 2 of them and I bet things will calm immediately.

Romance meets Reality......extra males must be dealt with.
I eat mine before 15 weeks, still tender enough for the grill and grilled bones make great broth.

That kind of chaos can definitely cause egg production issues.
Also, if you are free ranging they may be laying out in range area.
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