Roosters foot infected - help please!


8 Years
Sep 17, 2011
I recently adopted this rooster and he has some serious foot problems. His previous owner told me that his toe had been injured a few months ago and they treated it with soaks and antibiotic ointment.

I am going to try to find an avian vet tomorrow but in the mean time can anyone tell me what they think I should do for him?

hi, Looks like you have a couple things going on here. I dont think its infected . It is however swollen from previous frostbite. not a lot a vet will do there. giving time the black will fall off and he should be fine. If it is painful you can give 81 mg. baby aspirin once a day . the other toe will do the same. takes a while. Then I see leg mites as well. thats where the scales on the legs are raised. coat his legs with Vaseline .
Thank you. He doesn't seem to be in pain. No limping and he's active. But the swelling is scary looking!

I will research mites and coat his legs.

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