Roosters fought Today. Do I need to Worry?


Apr 5, 2020


I have these two roosters, an ISA Brown and a Light Brahma, and there have been no problems until today. The ISA Brown is the dominant rooster and it looks like he lost the fight when I first noticed they were fighting, does this make the Light Brahma Rooster the dominant rooster or will they continue to fight? They are both separated and look like they are both recovered (mostly) from the fight. What can I do to keep the peace and heal the battle wounds? I free range my chickens and they have plenty of room, maybe a little too much. I appreciate any advice, thank you.
How many hens do you have? It is normal for roosters to fight to be the dominant rooster. One rooster should have about 8-10 hens. It will keep more harmony in the flock if you just have one rooster. Some people rotate thereir roosters in the flock, thenkeep them penned when the other is with the hens.
They will continue to fight. I would keep them separated. How old are they now? Free ranging is great. When they come in to roost they'll be in close contact though.
The ISA Brown is about 4 years old and the light Brahma is only a year old. Will they stop fighting at some point, or until death?
I don't have an answer for you. They will determine that. If they were my birds, and I valued them both for what they provide the flock, I would take steps to keep them separate. The older one has established his dominance of the flock. The younger one wants to take his place. Not a good situation. I've successfully kept two cocks in the same flock, but they put up with each other. It sounds like your guys aren't tolerating each other anymore. It happens. You didn't do anything to make it happen. I feel your frustration!
Two boys with that little girls are gonna fight till one of them kills the other. I understand you had it more equal until the fox, but the guys don't care. All they want to do is make sure they pass their genes down the line. Agree with it or not but it's mother nature. Only solution is to remove one rooster until you have more hens. Even then the one that has "his" flock might still try to remove the other one.

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