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Apr 22, 2013
Columbus, Ohio
I am not sure if they are Roosters or not but what I can find online seems to be Roosters. I can not post picture of them to there but if you can help me please contact me.

I have been told that they might be Barred Rock?
I have heard that the barred rock roosters are white with black barring while the hens are black with white barring.
These are the birds that I have. Are they Barred Rock that is what someone has told me in another group. However I do need to find them a new home as it is becoming more difficult to take care of them with me being blind in one eye. I thought that I could do it but it is not fair that I am not giving them the attention that they need.
I think your birds look like black sex links. The black and white barred (striped) birds are males and the black/brown birds with the reddish gold neck/chest are females.

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