Roosting and Chicks question.


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Feb 10, 2012
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Is roosting "natural" IE something they generally do on their own at some point as they mature?

My chicks are 4 weeks, they will go on their roost to sit and even play but, they do not sleep up there at all. It is currently just a temporary roost about 18" off the floor. It is a straightish tree limb. They had this limb in their brooder since they were about 1.5 weeks. Just 3 days ago they moved to the coop and I raised the roost from 4" to the 18". Even in the brooder they did not sleep on it. They just seem to still like sleeping in a "puppy pile" on the floor.

Should I "train" them to roost? give it some time? not worry about it at all. Their coop is (I believe) predator proof.
That's normal chick behavior. As they mature, they'll start sleeping on the roost.

Here's a tip for you: If you have nesting boxes, don't let them start sleeping in them. It's a bad habit because then they poop in the nesting box. So if you can, block those off, or don't add them until your pullets are around 17 weeks of age.

Take care,
They have a natural age when they will decide to use the roosts. Its when they get all their feathers and don't need to snuggle up to each other on the floor for warmth at night. You won't need to do anything. Leave it up to them.
Thanks! I have yet to build next boxes. Thanks to the wonderful info gleaned from BYC I knew I wanted to wait on those!

I had searched for "roosting" but, found nothing easily that answered my question! I hope it helps others too! I have found BYC a wonderful thing to have access to while starting out in chickens!

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