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  1. roy2636

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    Aug 15, 2016
    right now i have 5 RIR hens. for a while now, every night, the same hen roosts on one of the nesting boxes while the other 4 are on the roosts. recently i built a larger coop with a larger roost. its 2 roost, built with 2x4's, both about 4 feet in length. i figured a bigger roost would solve the space issue but it doesnt look like it has. lately i have been putting her on the roost and she has stayed there, i will go check periodically at night, so i dont think comfort is the issue. she may be getting bossed around on the roost, but if that was the case wouldnt the others kick her off after i leave the coop at some point? should i keep placing her on the roost for a little bit longer? or should i just let her roost on the lid of the nesting box?
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    As long as she is not in danger of predation, leave her be. She'll figure it out.

    Which way are your 2x4's laying? I usually use 2x2 or even 1x2, 4" part is too wide, IMO, if that is the top of the bar.
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    Chickens do seem to have a preference to the type of surface they perch on. And, to me, I think it's healthier for the chicken to have different sizes of roosts to sit on. Remember, the act of roosting does take a certain amount of dexterity. Some of the larger, older birds do prefer a large flat surface to sit on. Some of mine roost on top of the nest box and some roost on a 1 x 4 while some like the 2 x 4 (flat side up for both sizes). And for a while I had one hen who insisted on roosting on a 1 x 2 porch railing I had put in a corner as a sort of a privacy roost. I've noticed fast growing breeds like to roost on flat surfaces which makes sense considering the amount of stress the tendons of the legs are under.

    As long as your hen is healthy and her feet/legs are in good condition, I'd let her roost where she wants. Also make sure all your roosts are clean and mite free.

    Hope this helps.
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  4. I use 2x4s also. Flat side up. Winter is cold here and they love covering their feet at night.
    I would just let her roost where she wants. Right now I have two hens that cuddle together on a small roost I made out of two logs and a piece of 2x4. If they are content? I am fine with it. The rest of my hens use the roost.
  5. roy2636

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    Aug 15, 2016
    i have the 2x4 with the 2" part up, not flat.
  6. Might be the problem? My uncle raised chickens for 60 years and 2x4s were always used flat side up. My hens love them that way. No one gets cold toes and they sort of lay on them while sleeping.
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    Depends on if you want her to poop there.

    I installed a sharply angled board on top of nests so they can't roost there......
    ......and another board hinged to that one that I can flip down to cover the nest entrances and nest perch so they can't roost there either.

    Ya just gotta outsmart them ;-)

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