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    Jun 10, 2017
    We moved into a new home and converted a dog kennel into a chicken coop. My hens have been sleeping in their old tractor supply coop that
    I put inside the dog kennel but it is falling apart so I need to build them a place to sleep that is warm in the winter but I have no idea what to build or how. I tried to put roosting sricks in the dog house but they wont use it because its not off the ground. I'm looking for suggestions on how to build an easy to clean sleeping area for 6 hens. The kennel has goat fence covered my chicken wire so I need to build something to protect them from the elements.

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    chicken wire is only good to keep chickens IN, it does nothing to keep predators OUT. The best choice is 1/2" hardware cloth securely affixed to a frame or fence.
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    :welcome glad to have you join us.

    IMO they are not using the roosts in the dog house because the sticks are too close together. They need a minimum of 18 inches free floor to roof room to make a jump on and off a roost. Can't tell from the pic, but they also need some head room once they are on the roost.

    I agree with DD - you will need to predator proof the kennel.
    You have good "bones" in the kennel and could pick one corner and build a nice coop there.

    Do research the coops/runs section for ideas.
    Good luck with your building.
  5. MommyBug

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    Jun 10, 2017
    There is a door that stands open to the run 24/7 so if a predator wants in they would just come through the door. I'm just interested in how hens prefer to roost/sleep at night.
  6. MommyBug

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    Jun 10, 2017
    I changed the bars inside later to be more like a ladder. There is more head room in the dog house than the TSC coop. Id like to build something similar to what they are used to but not sure how to design it inside. Perches? Flat floor?

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