10 Years
Sep 9, 2009
Lake Butler (Union County)
How old would be good to start teaching the chicks to roost? (am I spelling that right?). Should I go ahead and put a few sticks in the brooder cage for them to start learning now? They are 1 week old now.
I have a pair of antlers in with mine. It's a jungle gym
I started mine with a piece of 2x4 in the bottom of the brooder. At first i had shavings to the same height. After a couple of weeks i added another 2x4 on top of the first thus raising it above the shavings.
Right now they are launching themselves off the highest spot and dive bombing each other. I have the antlers turned point side down. The crawl all around the points, have little games of chase under them.... Only roost for a few minutes at a time though.
After they get done with them I'm sure the dogs are going to find them even more chewable
Chick poo flavored chew toys.
You can put a roost in any time you want. A chickens instinct tells them when to roost. Some times one chicken will roost and the others will soon follow. Usually not till they are around 5 or 6 weeks will they try to roost. I had 11 all huddle in a small shelter I made during the winter. When it warmed up they started to roost. They are not stupid, its warmer in the shelter all together than up on a roost.
Oh yeah, ANYTHING chick poo related is yummy to my silly dogs, too!

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