Rosecomb Bantam Thread

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10 Years
May 4, 2009
Shawnee, OKlahoma
I have been looking, reading, and researching. Now I would like to hear from some of the rosecomb Folks.
I have several varieties of OE all of which are already recognized varieties in Rosecomb. I am truly considering a switch in breeds.
I have seen a great number of Black in shows however the BB red, Brassy back, Wheaton, Brown red, and Birchen woul dbe on the top of my list.
I also noticed the Columbian is a recognized variety of rosecomb, so the real question who has wheaton or better yet good wheaton? I think the other varieties would be easier to locate if I choose to make the move.
I further expect that the Rosecomb competition in shows is lighter due to lower numbers of breeders or lack of availability of good stock for youth exhibitors.
I have already sent and inquiry to the district director for teh Rosecomb federation.
i would truly expect the Rosecomb stock to be a little more genetically clean and fewer breed outcrosses and even variety outcrosses likely exist making aquiring good stock more realistic, is this a realistic expectation from an exhibitor with this breed?

What are your experiences with the Rosecomb?
reproductive capability
special needs or considerations
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The thing about the colored Rosecombs is that they are so far behind the blacks in the head type and will take many many years to achieve anything even close!
Rosecombs are very flighty, and are really hard to get to show at the shows. They arent hard to breed and lay well but they are more volnerable to illness and cold(like sebrights). They are the hardest to keep into condition out of anything I have ever had and you only get a couple of shows out of a female a year and about 4 months worth of shows out of a male. rosecombs feamales that around 3 to 4 months to fully molt and males can take 5 to 8 months to fully molt! most rosecombs need to be housed separate from each other when showing as one nick on the earlobe can ruin the whole bird! Also if a rose comb breaks a tailfeather or wing or even a body feather they are out until next molt because if it is plucked it grows in with white tips on black feathers and can be miss colored in colored birds! But if you want something that you can take to a show and win the whole show a Rosecomb is a really good choice but along with the colored you do need to raise black as well, because black usually always win and you will want to use black in your color programs toimprove type faster!

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