Rough Service Light Bulbs can kill your chickens

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    Mar 16, 2012
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    I came across a letter in this months Mother Earth News magazine but can't link to it because they don't have it online. I did a search and found two other articles:


    (sorry, it won't let me attach for some reason. you will have to copy and paste into your browser.)
    Anyway, this is very important info for those who use bulbs in their coops!

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    May 24, 2011
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    Well I'll be, I had never heard of such a thing that said it makes total sense when you read on. I don't have any light bulbs in my coop but this is definitely something to watch for!
  3. Yes, there are other posts on this forum about this. It is the coating they use to make them shatterproof that emits vapors. These lights are NOT rated as safe for animals.
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    I have owned parrots my entire life and have known that Teflon is very lethal to birds but you have to heat it to usually over 380F (feel free to fact check that temp because its from a foggy memory) to release the lethal chemicals into the air. Now I am not sure when it is used on a light bulb. I know you can find it in cookware, ovens (particularly self cleaning ones), toasters and toaster ovens, irons, and blow driers, oh and also in the new clothes driers.

    What it does to birds who have lung sacks instead of alveoli (like humans) is cause those sakes to collapse and the bird suffocates to death do to not being able to exchange oxygen into the blood. Humans suffer similar disruptions in our alveoli but because we have so many we are safe and our lungs recover (except maybe we can get cancer later in life but they have not proven that with any studies its just my personal theory.)

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