RSL 1 yr old. 8 PM on nesting box and laid this egg

Pics below. It was paperly feeling, very thin shell. She laid the egg and it was so fragile that it broke. She is my hen that was egg bound a couple of weeks ago (ended up laying one giant, hard, calcified egg and immediately after laid an egg with no shell). Should I be concerned? Her eggs are all different day by day: hard as a rock with white bands one day, perfect the next, then paper thin or shell less the next. She acts normally and eats and drinks well. No odd behaviors since the egg bound day. Any suggestions or info? Thank you!


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If the eggshell quality is all over the place, and adding calcium hasn't helped, it could just be that this particular bird has shell gland issues and/or difficulty absorbing/utilizing calcium. Not sure if there's a fix for that.

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