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Mar 14, 2011
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I did a search for Rubbermaid in this section and I found your thread. Great job! Now that they've been in there for over a month - have you thought of anything you would do differently? How is the ventilation?

mmaddie's mom

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Jun 2, 2010
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Thanks All!

I really love it and so do the girls & Remus. I wouldn't do anything differently. As for ventilation, for the Winter months I think it will be fine, with ready placed vents in each end AND it is not air tight (plus a few extra drill-size holes made when I made several "oops" with measurements
). BUT next Spring I will be putting in 2 ready-made windows on opposite sides that can be opened or closed that will be covered with hardware clothe. We just ran out of time and energy.

We have also just recently added another 6x12 ft. run (with chain-link top but non-secure) to the end of the secure 6x12 ft. run attached to the coop. (It's in the shape of an L.) In the Winter months when the daytime predator alert is on red they will have a little more room to move when the can't free range. And, of course, back into the secure run & coop in the evening.

To all the non-carpenters out there who are good with their hands & brains but not-so-much with power tools, I would highly recommend the Rubbermade shed coop!

I have a few more things that I want to do to the coop & runs to make it perfect but it will probably have to wait until Spring. Even so, this is probably the most secure my birds have been since I have had them!

Stay tuned... I will add more pics until I think it is finally done.


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Dec 18, 2008
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It really looks GREAT!!

I feel compelled to mention, though, since you did all this in the wake of a tragedy, that plastic zip ties aren't predator-proof.
Any coon can go right through them and a big dog can pull them off. Perhaps that's not an issue for you--I assume the chix are locked up in the coop at night? But I thought I would mention it, esp. since it looks like you used plastic zip ties to attach the chainlink to the poles as well . . . a big dog could make short work of that.

I recently found stainless steel zip ties, in 3 sizes, at my local Lowe's. WHOO HOO! Up until then I had used wire to attach hardware cloth aprons, the chainlink to the poles, etc., and that's a MAJOR PITA! The SS zip ties are pricey but make it all very easy and they would be almost impossible for a predator, short of a BIG bear, to get through.

mmaddie's mom

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Jun 2, 2010
Elmwood, Illinois, USA
Quote:Good point! Dogs are not a problem, or they haven't been for 30 years (the neighbor's old lab came up one day to "play" and my roo lost his pretty tail feathers... mentioned it to the neighbor and hasn't happened again... and that was 5 years ago)... but yes, coons come around every winter! I'll have to check out the ss ones. Thanks! And, YES, they are locked in the coop at night! I would be ashamed to show you the pen my birds were kept in before... I just didn't know any better. I just keep continueing to learn! Thanks BYCers!

edited to add... the chain link is wired to the poles... the plastic zip ties were only used to pull the bent chain link back over to the poles on the bent roof section... there is still wire about every 5-6 links... but still plan to check out the ss ones!
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Apr 7, 2011
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mmaddie's mom, hose clamps work really well also.

You & your family did an awesome job! I'm sure your girls just love it.


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Apr 2, 2013
I can't decide whether to do as you did with just a small hole on the side for them to get in and out or to have the doors facing in the chain link. How do you close it when they go in at night?

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