Rubbermaid coop... finally up! update 9/11/11 post#56

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Apr 7, 2011
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mmaddie's mom :

... slow progress... but a few more pics... 4/30/11...


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Apr 12, 2011
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Due to time constraints, we have also decided to go with a resin shed. I hope it works out well for us. We will probably be picking it up this weekend and then spending the next month or so getting it together and getting the run built. That will take the most time. It will be on a base of railroad ties, so nothing will be able to dig under it. We will be removing the plexiglas in the doors and window and replacing it with hardwire cloth and then adding perches, a poop hammock and nest boxes built into one half of the doorway for each access. Their food and water will be in the covered run, so they should have lots of room, even in bad weather. The coop will be in the shade of an oak tree all summer and get the southern sun all winter. There should be plenty of ventilation and we will be putting the roof of the covered run over the shed as well for added protection against snow, rain and wind.


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Apr 1, 2011
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Didn't see this thread when it started and I just sort of skimmed thru, so I think I got the gist of it!

I think you prolly made the right decision with the resin building although I can't speak to the varmit question.

We bought 2 of the Arrow sheds several years ago when we moved here and needed storage right away. DH is a builder and I have scads of experience with handyman type stuff, so we thought it would be child's play to put them up.

THEN we found out it has to have a VERY level base or nothing will fit. By the time we dug and leveled pavers, then framed and sheeted a floor, we had another $150 into the first shed. We get a lot of wind where we are, so it was chancey at best to get the walls up. Once we started a wall, we had to work like crazy to get all the panels screwed together or the wind would torque the frame and bend the metal panels.

Even on calm days, it was hard to match the screw holes and get everything to fit where the factory intended. Being summertime, we also had to work very early or very late to keep from burning off skin from handling the hot sheet metal. I had to use spray foam in all the roof seams and where the shed attaches to the base because it wasn't very tight. Great for chickens; not so much for storing stuff...

I will say, the finished product is quite sturdy and has been up for almost 4 years with only a couple small leaks. It still looks new, and has withstood wind gusts up to 75mph at times, but the second shed went back to HD. No way am I putting another one of those together...

Since then I've built a 14' x 8' stick frame shed, did most of the work myself, and it was less difficult to put up than that metal shed. It cost about the same but is insulated, has doors I don't bang my forehead on, and is wired for power, not as easily accomplished in the metal shed.

Anyway! Just my experience in case there are others wavering between a new metal shed or some other material.
Good Luck! Looking forward to pics!!

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