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Jul 25, 2016
Our coop is going to have hardware cloth on the windows, doors, etc. The door will be closed every night. For the run, I am not clear if I should be using chicken wire or hardware cloth or combo or something else. Is hardware cloth too much considering they will be in the coop every night? I was planning on enclosing the entire run but not sure what material to use. Also what should be the opening size. It seems that the hardware cloth comes in 1/4" and I want to be able to see the chickens! Thoughts? TIA!


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1/2" HC is better IMO, a little heavier wires and should keep everything out.

What to use on the run depends on a lot of things, predator load, if you're gone all day or not, resources, etc.
All 1/2" HC, properly installed, including an apron would be very secure.
I used 14ga 2x4 welded wire on my run, including roof and apron, but hawks are my most prevalent pred here, ti will slow anything else way down, and I'm home 90% of the time.

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