Runner duckling with twisted neck?

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    One of my Runner ducklings has a twisted neck, any idea what caused it? Anything special I should do for it? Its like tilted to the side like it is looking up, it can straighten it out on occasion. No apparent
    injuries on it. Its eating and drinking fine and seems alert and healthy other than looking up all the time. They're just shy of 4 weeks. I have another 40 some out there including a batch of 40 week old ducklings and those are all fine, just this one duckling. I did accidentally almost kill one last week (whoops) when I left them in a temp pen while I cleaned their new brooder but that one has made a complete recovery except it no longer quacks. [​IMG] I hadn't noticed the neck on this one until last night, I was gone for the weekend though and lets just say that my husband and son are less than observant? [​IMG]

    I had been feeding them chick starter from TS, but I ran out last week and my hubby brought home grower (15%) instead. I didn't think it would hurt to feed that til I got back to the feed store to get the
    right stuff. I fed last years ducklings the same chick starter from TS and then switched them to Purina Flock Raiser when older, but I read that chick starter was not as good as gamebird starter?

    I had to go to a different feed store to get them gamebird starter instead, should I also suppliment them with Brewers yeast or anything? It occured to me that perhaps Runners needed more than other breeds of ducks because of the way their necks are?

    Its currently in my bathroom (and mad because its alone), I pulled it out in case it had some sort of contagious something? I gave it some water with vitamins/electrolytes in it, anything else that I should try?

    Anyone want a really sweet and friendly "challenged" Runner duck? [​IMG] If it had been one of the younger and insane Runners I would have just culled it.
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