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    Apr 21, 2009
    Im am getting 4 runner ducks and im wondering about how big i should build there coop i was thinking about 4 x 6 or should i go bigger. They are gonna be contained mainly inside within a couple months impending the canadian snow fall and harsh climate. Any help would be greatly apperciated.
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    Jan 4, 2011
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    You can find great ideas in Ducks subject threads. My ducks have 4x8 Aframe tractors with floors of wood/metal grate.

    Edited to add: the tractors are inside large pens. Ducks have molded ponds as well.
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    Here is a good resource:


    Floor space

    Overcrowding ducks can be extremely detrimental to their health, growth or egg production. Providing adequate floorspace at each stage of development is basic to successful duck raising. While undercrowding is not usually a problem, it is better to stock ducks at near the recommended density (see Table 2 below) in cold weather so that body heat will help warm the room in which the ducks are confined.

    Table 2. Floor Space Allowances For Ducks

    Age (weeks) Space/Duck (sq cm) Space/Duck (sq ft)
    1 289 0.31
    2 576 0.62
    3 1024 1.10
    4 1369 1.47
    5 1764 1.90
    6 2116 2.28
    7 2304 2.48
    Developing Breeders 2500 2.69
    Laying Breeders 2809 3.02
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    Jan 4, 2011
    Northwest Florida
    This is what I have. We get one month or so of freezing though, a little snow, some sleet and freezing rain. couldn't rotate on my phone, drat. One raised diving platform that is a blast for them and us and one inground pond for the calmer girls.


    There are great setups on Ducks subjects in Other Poultry. Posts discuss snow on flight netting, freezing water issues etc.,. That's where I got lots of ideas for other duck related things that I can apply here in .

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