Running ducks 2nd day in lockdown

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Aug 9, 2021
Hello all, my friend has hatched one running duck egg successfully on Sunday and they was put in to lockdown on Friday morning.
One of the chicks has piped the shell on the smaller side of the egg, it is moving but the skin of the egg looks thick and slightly turning a dark cream colour. It also is going black in some of the skin.
It does push part of its beak through but is not getting any where fast and it pipped through the era same day.


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Aug 26, 2018
Dallas, Georgia
Sounds like it might be backwards in the shell (breech) If it's already turning black that's a bad sign so you need to act fast.

Candle it and see if you can tell where the head is. Make a rescue air hole on that end being very careful that you don't cause too much bleeding. You've got to get it so it can breathe.

What has probably happened is that it pipped on the wrong end causing bleeding in the membrane. Not good but not hopeless. See if you can open a hole at the air cell end and pick towards wherever the head is. If you get bleeding stop and put a bit of pressure on it until it stops. If there is a small pip on the "wrong" end see if you can expand on that pip. Slowly and gently. I'm here if you need more support

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